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Let us take your online streaming experience to the Next Level from Start to Finish. Don't get caught up in the tech details of how to stream, JUST BE YOU! You know your trade, we know ours!
  • Initial creative plan and execution
  • Digital Asset creation and integration
  • Online Presence and Coaching
  • Product placement and Marketing for your Brand
  • Total package integration with your Streaming Platform



Breaking down the Process

Most of our clients know how to do Fitness, or know how to Bake, some are extremely good Financial Market Traders and want to teach their craft to the world. They DON'T want to get caught up with the tech of what it takes to get online and develop a strong marketing strategy to grow their audience and transform that audience into a long term paying consumer of their product. We are here to help all that!
Step 1

Step 1

We meet with every client and discuss needs, end goals, live streaming capabilities, talent range and get a game plan going forward
Step 2

Step 2

A custom package is made wherein we design graphics if needed, audio mixing, stringers, lower thirds, on screen text and develop a schedule for their audience growth strategy
Step 3

Step 3

Get to work! We start building your online presence and brand. Depending on the package selected and scope we will even make a Paywall Gated website where you can charge your customers a MONTHLY / ANNUAL / or LIFETIME Fee to watch you or get taught by YOU!
Step 4

Step 4

Maintain Viewership and organic Growth. Organic content is the #1 way to create lifetime customers, but it takes work and dedication. This is ongoing maintenance to live content and adjustments as needed along the way

Our Pricing

We offer base and completely custom pricing plans, we know that each client is different and as such, meet with almost all of our clients before setting up a long term pricing structure


$125 / Hr
  • Facecam Live
  • Customer Provided Intro Graphic
  • Simple Lower Third with Text
  • Post Show Recording
  • Live Stream to One Location
  • No Minimum Required


$100 / Hr
  • Facecam + Zoom Merges
  • Intro Graphic Intro
  • Lower Third With Text
  • Live Stream to 1 Location
  • Full Post Show Recording
  • 5 Hour Per week Minimum Required
  • 3 Month Commitment


$125/ Hr
  • Intro Graphic Count-in with Music
  • Lower Third
  • Screenshare Overlay Graphic
  • Full Post-Show Recording
  • Live Stream to 1 Location
  • 5 Hour per week Minimum
  • 3Month Commitment


  • 30 Hours of Streaming
  • Screenshare plus Facecam
  • Graphic Intro and Count in With Music
  • Live Stream to 1 Location
  • Simple Overlay Package Graphics
  • Lower Third Text
  • Recordings of each Broadcast
  • 3 Month minimum


  • 30 Hours Streaming
  • 2 Talent / 2 Screenshares
  • Graphic Intro and Count-in with Music
  • Live Stream to 1 Location
  • Lower Third and Text
  • Simple Graphics Package
  • Recordings of Each Broadcast
  • 3 Month Minimum


  • 30 Hours Streaming
  • 2 Talent / 2 Screenshares
  • Full Brand Build and Consult
  • Full Graphics Package
  • Conversion Product Website
  • All Recordings
  • Streaming to 2 Locations at once
  • 12 Month Commitment

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What Our Clients’ Say


Live content allows for instant feedback from the audience, which can provide valuable insights for product improvement and future marketing strategies. Through live chat, comments, and polls, businesses can gain real-time feedback on products, features, pricing, and more. This direct interaction enables companies to adapt and make informed decisions based on customer preferences and needs.
Authenticity and Trust:

Authenticity and Trust:

Live content provides an opportunity to showcase authenticity, transparency, and real-time interaction with the audience. This can help build trust and credibility with potential customers. A survey by Livestream and New York Magazine showed that 80% of respondents preferred watching live videos from a brand rather than reading a blog post or seeing a FACEBOOK AD
Reach and Accessibility

Reach and Accessibility

Live content can extend the reach of your marketing efforts. Social media platforms often prioritize live content in their algorithms, providing greater visibility to live videos. Moreover, live videos can be shared, replayed, and discovered by new audiences even after the live session ends. This accessibility helps increase brand exposure and attract potential customers who may not have otherwise engaged with your products.
FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Effect

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Effect

The live nature of the content creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, leading to the fear of missing out on valuable information or experiences. By leveraging this psychological effect, businesses can encourage immediate action and conversions. According to a survey by Vimeo, 67% of viewers who watched a live event purchased a ticket to a similar event the following year.


Live content can often be produced with relatively low production costs, especially compared to traditional advertising methods. With the availability of smartphones, live streaming apps, and social media platforms, it has become more accessible for businesses to create and distribute live content without requiring extensive resources.

Increased Engagement:

Live content tends to generate higher levels of engagement compared to pre-recorded or static content. According to Facebook, users spend three times longer watching live videos than pre-recorded ones, and they comment more than ten times as much on live videos. This increased engagement can help capture attention, build relationships with the audience, and ultimately drive product promotion.

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